Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Testing Release of OSG-Client RPM

It's finally here!  The first official testing release of the osg-client in RPM form.  We're asking anyone and everyone to go out there and start testing.  The official instructions are on the OSG Twiki.  We even made a Testing Client page if you want to run through some simple commands.

The instructions are simple, install EPEL, then install the VDT repo:
rpm -Uvh 

Install the osg-client (expect a lot of dependencies). My latest build downloaded 140MB of dependencies.
yum install --enablerepo=vdt-testing --nogpgcheck osg-client 

Then, go and do your normal workflows.  Create proxies, run globus-job-run's, start condor and run jobs.  Whatever, just test.  If you have any issues, email  Or join me on the OSG jabber,

All current bugs (I'm happy with how few there are) with the osg-client can be found on Jira.

Go forth and test...

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