Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Part 1: Features of the Chrome App - Embedding

In my previous post, I introduced my OSG Chrome App.  In this post, I want to introduce one feature of the chrome app, Embedding profiles.

Part of my morning routine is checking multiple websites for the status of the resources at Nebraska.  For example, I check our dashboard page that I've written about before.  And I check the HCC GlideinWMS status page.

The HCC GlideinWMS status page shows only the monitoring information.  In order to see any accounting data, I have to navigate to the GratiaWeb site and filter for hcc usage.  Instead I want to view the accounting data on the same page as I am viewing GlideinWMS status.  And so I added the ability to Embed a set of graphs using the Chrome App.

Creating a HCC GlideinWMS Profile

First, I need to create a glideinwms profile for hcc.  I have 2 questions that I want answered, who is running, and where are they running.  In this case, I am playing the role of a VO Manager.  I want to see usage filtered by VO, specifically my VO, HCC.  The VO Manager role gives me 2 graphs by default, total usage per VO, and where the VO is running.  But it doesn't include what users are running in my VO.  Therefore, I want to add a new graph, the Glidein (since HCC uses GlideinWMS) per user graph, which is on gratiaweb.

To add a graph, I followed the documentation to add the Glidein per user graph.  I copied and pasted the graph URL into the box, and it added the graph to my list.
HCC Usage with new graph.  Not much usage...

Embedding the Profile

Now that I have the profile showing the data I want to see, I want to embed this data in my webpage.  I followed the documentation again, for sharing the graphs and embedding it.

I clicked the green share button at the top, and entered the name and description of the profile.  Then I submitted the profile for sharing.  It returned an embed link that I can use on the webpage.

Share profile showing embed URL

Once I have this embed URL, I can copy / paste that HTML into the HCC GlideinWMS page and it will show HCC data every time I visit.

HCC Usage embedded on our own website

And that's it.


Friday, April 4, 2014

OSG Usage Chrome App

Hi, I'm Derek Weitzel.  You may remember me from such side projects as:
On today's episode, I will introduce a Chrome Application designed for the OSG's accounting system.

OSG Usage Chrome Application

The OSG Usage Viewer is a packaged chrome app designed to display accounting graphs from Gratia, the OSG's accounting system.  It also features:
The app allows you to add graphs from the OSG's Gratia web interface, to manipulate the data filters, and share with others.  Full documentation of the app is available.  Download the app today!