Friday, April 4, 2014

OSG Usage Chrome App

Hi, I'm Derek Weitzel.  You may remember me from such side projects as:
On today's episode, I will introduce a Chrome Application designed for the OSG's accounting system.

OSG Usage Chrome Application

The OSG Usage Viewer is a packaged chrome app designed to display accounting graphs from Gratia, the OSG's accounting system.  It also features:
The app allows you to add graphs from the OSG's Gratia web interface, to manipulate the data filters, and share with others.  Full documentation of the app is available.  Download the app today!



  1. I am not sure if I am doing it right, but I tried to add a new graph with following URL
    The app says "No data returned by DB query"

    1. It seems to work for me. Though, the app strips the URL parameters (soon to be fixed).

      The steps I used:
      Graph -> Add Graph -> Paste the URL above.

      It seems to work:

      If you open the console, you should see the URL that it is using to query.